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Neomeds was established in the year 2017. Since then, the company is growing and flourishing through impeccable business acumen and technology. Neomeds has developed a solid presence within the region and surrounding areas in Healthcare. We are mainly focused in therapeutics and medical solutions for Our Patients, Doctors and Health Care Professionals.


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Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to promote, improve and protect health and social well being of the people, with an emphasis on ensuring highly effective practices, care, safety, Relationships and Confidentiality.

Our Vision is to provide an unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner for health care. We will be known as the most caring, compliant, confidential and ethical entity. Also, want to be a model entity in delivering exceptional service and influential procedures in the health care system.




Movement Disorders
Demyelinating disorders


Heart Failures
Cardiac surgeries
Vascular Interventions

Pain Management

Genicular Nerve
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Knee, Spine and Peripheral nerve

Our Directors

Managing Director

Mr. Pavan Kumar has a business management degree and nine years of experience in therapeutics and health care. He is adaptive, extremely committed, and has a track record of success developing interpersonal ties to build trusting business relationships with clients and service providers. Moreover, a brilliant strategy planner with vision. Leader of the customer success team, which manages customer service for important partners and strategic accounts and optimises existing clients. Help develop an optimisation technique and collaborate with a group of advisers that can engage customers by drawing on your experience in the revenue cycle and operations. strong problem-solving and analytical abilities.


Mr. Ravi Shankar is a highly qualified business and financial executive with more than 20 years of international experience, particularly in finance and operations management, ranging from newly formed to well-established multimillion-dollar organisations. He also has in-depth knowledge and skills in conceptualising and putting into practise financial policies and procedures, including working capital management, internal financial controls, and project financing and costing. a track record of enhancing operations, influencing corporate growth, and maximising profits through contributions to financial management, cost-cutting measures, and productivity enhancements.

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